About Lilly B Bags

...a note from Lilly....

    I love to work with fabrics and fibers.  I've been knitting and sewing since I was about 10.  One of my favorite activities is to locate new stores & shows.  That's where I acquire most of my unique fibers and fabrics. In an effort to support other artisans, I search for farms that produce yarns from their own sheep.  Many of the wools in my felted bags, scarves and shawls come from wonderful farms in the Mid-Atlantic states. Occasionally, I'll find an amazing fabric or fiber on a vacation. (I found fabulous fibers in San Francisco on a Girl's Trip). I attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival every year and  I always come home with a wonderful "stash" of new goodies.   I can't wait to delve into the new fibers!

    Creating new designs and blending amazing fibers is a passion for me.  Special orders are no problem.  In fact, I welcome them!    

    Contact me at lsbarton@nfis.com    Or, call  301-797-6613  EST


Cellies..and shawls...and felted bags

...and scarves...


               Denim bags..reversible bags


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