Oh My Gosh!  Aren't these just the cutest little pursies?....

These adorable little cellies are hand knit, felted and embellished in oodles of colors.   The sizes vary because of the unpredictable nature of the gorgeous wools that I use but they average 3" across by 5" long. 

You can attach them quickly and easily because the strap, which will loop through any handle, attaches to the cellie with a button.   Hang them on your purse, your jeans, your shopping bag....whatever!  

Imagine what wonderful presents they will make!  Think of all of the uses you will find for them......holding your cell phone or maybe tucked into a pocket with your credit card for a special shopping trip.  They make wonderful party favors for little girls who love having their own mini purses!   And, wouldn't they make an amazing bridal party accessory....knit in coordinating colors....for the bridesmaids to carry their keys and lipsticks?

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 The sizes vary but you can easily slip your cell phone into these cellies.