Denim Bags


   Denim bags are popping up everywhere!  Here's what makes mine unique....

   Every one of my bags is handmade and designed by me.  I guarantee that my bags start out as a wearable jean; I purchase them from wonderful community resource stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill.  Then, the jeans make a trip through my washing machine in super hot water to help clean and soften the fabric even more. 

   It's alot of fun to come up with color combinations.  Some are fun and funky, some are traditional.  And, just like jeans, the sizes of the bags vary. 

    All of the bags are fully lined & feature an adorable recycled denim pocket on the inside for holding keys, etc.

     Then, the finishing flair is a belt that is carefully selected to make the front of the bag "POP".   Many of the belts are leather; Some are hand knitted by me. 

       And, of course, the handles and closure are carefully selected to complement the bag.

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Blue denim bag:   Oodles of charm!