Felted Bags

Oh, the joys of felting...

  There is something so therapeutic about creating a felted bag.   To be truthful, it is a bit of a complicated process.
    I begin by selecting wools in complimenting colors.  Using my own designs, I knit the purse from bottom to top.  Next comes the felting process: washing the purse in hot water in my washing machine. After the wash cycle is complete, I place the purse on boxes, stretching the wool and pinning it in place to block it.  After the purse is dry, I remove it from the box and begin another creative process:  selecting the lining.  All linings are padded to add substance and strength.  I add pockets to the inside as well as magnetic closures.   Next, I select a handle to complement the wool and the lining; often the handles are made of leather.  At this point, some of the purses are embellished.  The final touch is to add my signature touch...I sew a tiny metal purse into the inside of every one of my purses.   
      It's quite a production!  And I love every minute!  Each purse is totally unique. All of my accessories are one-of-a-kind!
       Check out the different styles and color combinations in these pictures.  I can create your perfect bag in just about any color you want. 
     Email: lsbarton@nfis.com   OR Call 301-797-6613 EST
Sample: This purse is knitted using
four different colors of wool. 
four different  


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