Here's where it all started...

  Many years ago, I decided to trot into one of my favorite local - and independently owned - women's store with a batch of my handmade scarves. They were wrapped up in tissue, stuffed into a huge basket, and they popped out all over!  The owner, thankfully, loved them and bought the entire basketful!  

   My scarves have evolved since then.  Now, they are very unique, one-of-a-kind treats.  The fibers are amazing.   From hand-dyed wools to silks to metallics...they are gorgeous!   The patterns I use are also unique.   Some are ruffled, some are lacy, some are extra warm and some are for evening wear.

    Do you have a special outfit that you would like to embellish with an over-the-top scarf?

    Email: or call me at   301-797-6613  EST